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Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2

Literacy- Key texts

This half term, we will read the texts ‘Wow said the owl’ by Tim Hopgood and ‘The Gingerbread man’ by Miriam Latimer.   Using these stories, we will talk about and show understanding of what Is happening, with the help of the pictures. We will also be predicting what may happen next, again using the pictures for support.

In writing, the children will learn how to recognise and write the initial sound In their name. The children will become familiar with their name card and begin to use some of their print and letter knowledge In early writing e.g. writing a shopping list. We will continue to identify unfamiliar words found in the key texts and their meaning, as well as beginning to distinguish between pictures and print.

During phonics we are learning about environmental sounds, listening for rhyming words in songs and books, as well as becoming familiar with alliteration. You can also help your child do this, on walks, when looking at books together etc.



In maths, we will be talking about and explore 2D shapes using informal and mathematical language: ‘sides’, ‘corners’; ‘straight’, ‘flat’, ‘round’. You can point these out together at home.

We will make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity.

In number, we are continuing to develop fast recognition of up to 3 objects, without having to count them individually (‘subitising’) and beginning to recognise significant numbers, e.g. 3.


Understanding the World

We will be discussing activities/ experiences from the past (for example, yesterday, the weekend). You can share some of these events on tapestry or bring in photos. We will sharing weekend activities and look at the daily calendar as part of our routines.

We will be discussing Autumn and what is happening to our physical environment. We will be exploring our school grounds and going on an Autumn walk.

We will also be learning about the festivals of Diwali and Christmas. We will be discussing that people celebrate different festivals and looking at similarities and differences.


Personal, social and emotional development (PSE)

We will focusing on getting dressed for the Autumn weather. We will be encouraging the children to put on their rain suit/ coat and wellies. It would be really helpful if you could practise this at home. We will also continue to work on the importance of sharing resources and building up relationships with familiar adults and other children.


Physical Development

This after term, we will be learning to hop, skip and practising our balancing. When outdoors, we will be moving with increased control.

We will be continuing to use mark making tools and scissors with increasing control including writing the initial letter of their name.


Important Dates

Anti-bullying week: Week beginning 13th November

SEND progress meetings: Week beginning 6th/ 13th November- please book a meeting time with the teacher

Progress Evenings: 3:45- 7pm Tuesday 28th November (face to face meetings)/3:45- 6pm Thursday 30th November (virtual meetings) This is where we will discuss with you how your child has settled into nursery. The office will let you know when you can book.

SEND drop-in/ coffee morning:  9:15am, Thursday 30th November in the Training Room

Nursery Singalong: 9:15am Wednesday 13th December

End of term: 2pm, 21st December.

Spring term starts 8th Jan 2024


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Autumn 2