Year 2

Year 2



Miss Kaye Teacher – Class 2EK
Mrs Dudgeon Teacher – Class 2SD
Ms Allen Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant Lead
Mrs Poizer Teaching Assistant

Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2

History- Legacy of monarchy


This term our whole school topic is ‘Legacy of monarchy’. In year 2 we will be placing significant people from the past within a chronological framework and where we fit within that. We will be analysing the similarities and differences between the Victorian period and now as well as comparing the lives of the rich and poor during the Victoria era. We will be looking at other significant figures such as Katherine Johnson, Rosa Parks and Emily Williamson finding out who they are and why they are significant.


  This half term, we will read two texts, ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ by Michael and Clare Morpurgo and ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. Using these stories, we will complete short writing activities such as making predictions about the texts and developing our ability to use conjunctions, adjectives and time adverbials. The children will then plan, write and edit a re-telling of the story.

In guided reading, we will teach the children strategies to support their reading whilst encouraging them to listen to their own reading to see if they can self-correct and spot errors as they read. We will develop the children’s ability to answer inference and retrieval questions of any given text.

In phonics, we will continue learning the extended code deepening our knowledge of spellings and sounds. The sounds we will be covering are /i/ as in bin, /oe/ as in Joe, /n/  as in no and /er/ as in pearl. We will also be looking at schwas (an unstressed vowel sound) and how they affect the sound of a word.

In handwriting- we will continue to practise forming lowercase letters of the correct size relative to one another and start to use some of the diagonal and horizontal strokes needed to join.



Multiplication and Division – Recognise odd and even numbers and recalling and using multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables. We will then solve problems involving multiplication and division, using materials and arrays to support.

Fractions – Recognise, find, name and write fractions ⅓, ¼, 2/4 and ¾ of a length, shape, set of objects or quantity. We will be writing simple fractions for example, ½ of 6 = 3.

Statistics – Interpret and construct simple pictograms and tally charts. We will be asking and answering simple questions by counting the number of objects in each category and sorting the categories by quantity.



In science this term we will carry out our planned investigation question: What is the best material for the three little pig’s houses?  We will then continue looking at how materials can be used for different purposes and using our learnt knowledge from Autumn 1 to apply to different investigations.

Other Curriculum Areas

RE – What can we learn from sacred books?

Art/ DT- Exploring and Drawing using different techniques taking inspiration from our school environment.

Music – Charanga unit: Ho Ho Ho.

PE – Dance

PSHCE – Keeping Safe.

Computing – Information Technology around us.


Empowering Learning Skills

This term we will be introducing ‘Empowering Learning Skills’ across the school. It is important that we explicitly teach children about learning behaviours.  A learning behaviour is any behaviour that supports learning, such as paying attention to the teacher or persevering with a difficult task. We will be learning about each part of the pie  and will send out more information in our weekly email so you know what we are expecting in Year 2.

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

We have just signed up to take part in OutRight 2023-24 which is a campaign to empower children to learn how climate change threatens children’s rights and how we can protect them. This term they will learn about the campaign and our Rights Respecting Councillors will be working with the class to plan for World Children’s Day on the 20th November.


Article 2- The convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.


Article 12- Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.



Article 28- Every child has the right to an education.




Article 31- Every child has the right to relax and play.

Important Dates


Anti-bullying week: Week beginning 13th November

SEND progress meetings: Week beginning 6th/ 13th November- please book a meeting time with the teacher

Progress Evenings: 3:45- 7pm Tuesday 28th November (face to face meetings)/3:45- 6pm Thursday 30th November (virtual meetings) This will be to discuss the progress your child is making . The office will let you know when you can book.

SEND drop-in/ coffee morning:  9:15am, Thursday 30th November in the Training Room

KS1 performance: 9:15am/ 2:15pm Tuesday 19th December

End of term: 2pm, 21st December.

Spring term starts 8th Jan 2024



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