Year 3

Year 3


Mrs Connaughton Teacher – Class 3MC
Miss Braddock Teacher – Class 3SB
Miss Kamara Teaching Assistant
Miss Rozaria Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wainwright Teaching Assistant
Miss Krell Teaching Assistant

Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2

History- Legacy of monarchy


This term our whole school topic is ‘Monarchy’. In Year 3 we will be investigating the Tudor Monarchy and particularly looking at Henry VIII.  The question we will be investigating will be ‘What type of King was Henry VIII?’  Within this topic, we will discuss what type of man was Henry VIII, the Reformation and the decisions he made to ensure the future of the Tudor Dynasty.





In English, we will base our writing on different texts through the year. This half term, we will read the texts ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson and ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.  We will be completing short writing activities around both these books to support a longer piece of writing to retell the stories using a ‘plan, write and edit’ sequence of lessons.  To finish the half term, we will complete a poetry unit looking at different styles of poems, vocabulary choices and a variety literary devices based on a winter theme.


This half term we will be extending our learning on the four methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Within Addition and Subtraction, we will be looking at using the column method with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. In Multiplication and Division, we will be looking at using a variety of different methods, such as the Grid and Bus Stop Methods. Within Geometry, we will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes, learning the properties and qualities of a range of shapes. In Statistics, we will be learning how to interpret and write Pictograms, Bar Charts and Tables. We will also be exploring time through 12-hour clocks, 24-hour clocks and clocks with Roman Numerals. Throughout all our Mathematical concepts we will be building our fluency before we explore these through real-life word problems.


We will also be focusing on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables and related division facts.






This half term we’re learning about Healthy Eating. Within this topic, we will be learning about the different types of food groups, what benefits they have and how they can combine to make a healthy meal. We will also be exploring the food pyramid and the range of ingredients that go into our food.


Other Curriculum Areas


RE –  What do different people believe about God?

Art/ DT- Cross Stitch

Music – Charanga unit: singing and glockenspiel

PE – Gym and Health Related Fitness

PSHCE – Keeping Safe

Computing – Computing Systems and Networks – Connecting Computers


Empowering Learning Skills


This term we will be introducing ‘Empowering Learning Skills’ across the school. It is important that we explicitly teach children about learning behaviours.  A learning behaviour is any behaviour that supports learning, such as paying attention to the teacher or persevering with a difficult task. We will be learning about each part of the pie  and will send out more information in our weekly email so you know what we are expecting in Year 3.


UN Convention of the Rights of the Child


We have just signed up to take part in OutRight 2023-24 which is a campaign to empower children to learn how climate change threatens children’s rights and how we can protect them. This term they will learn about the campaign and our Rights Respecting Councillors will be working with the class to plan for World Children’s Day on the 20th November.


Article 2- The convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.




Article 12- Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.


Article 28- Every child has the right to an education.



Article 31- Every child has the right to relax and play.


Important Dates

Anti-bullying week: Week beginning 13th November

SEND progress meetings: Week beginning 6th/ 13th November- please book a meeting time with the teacher

Progress Evenings: 3:45- 7pm Tuesday 28th November (face to face meetings)/3:45- 6pm Thursday 30th November (virtual meetings) This will be to discuss the progress your child is making . The office will let you know when you can book.

SEND drop-in/ coffee morning:  9:15am, Thursday 30th November in the Training Room

End of term: 2pm, 21st December.

Spring term starts: 8th Jan 2024



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Autumn 2