At Brookburn, our curriculum is designed to ensure that children achieve their full potential academically and personally. Our curriculum design is based on our particular context and the needs of our children with teaching that promotes learning and opportunities and experiences for success in life.  Our curriculum is based on the best care, guidance and support for children involving their families and includes everyone. Our curriculum is enriched for enjoyment, promotes healthy lifestyles, promotes a positive contribution and economic well-being, promotes staying safe and provides a social, moral and cultural contribution. We follow the National Curriculum.


  1. Developing good global citizens in a modern and world class system – children that are prepared for success in life
  2. Igniting learning – knowledge, understanding and skills for success in life, a relevant curriculum for all children
  3. Promoting excellent teaching – teaching that is values led
  4. Focus on performance – we believe that the quality of teaching = the amount of progress
  5. Fulfill the statutory new National curriculum that embodies rigour and high standards and creates coherence in what we teach
  6. To ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the key subject disciplines


English, Mathematics and Science

Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, French, Geography, History, Music, PE.

We also have a PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic) curriculum which covers age appropriate sex and relationship education and A RE (Religious Education) curriculum which follows the agreed Manchester syllabus.


Rationale – What is the purpose of our curriculum?

At Brookburn, we have many inquisitive minds. We have a large demographic of pupils with working parents in professional, diverse and interesting roles. It is fair to say that parents place a significant value on their child’s education, and thus, children entering Brookburn demonstrate high levels of engagement and interest in the world around them, both past and present. Our job as educators is to act on this engagement, offering rich and meaningful opportunities to broaden our pupils’ minds, extend their knowledge of the world and their place within it and support their interest in a life-long quest for learning.

Oracy levels on entry to Brookburn are varied – whilst we have highly articulate pupils on entry, we have as many with very limited or delayed speech and others who present with confidence and self-esteem issues which impact on oracy. As such, exposure to language and opportunities for talk are rich across our EYFS to ensure that on entry to KS1, children have strong foundations for discussion. Our curriculum across the school is rich in vocabulary and exposure to new language is encouraged by ensuring we use high quality texts to support delivery. Reading is a strength in our school and we believe in promoting a love of books within our curriculum offer as we see this as an essential skill that all pupils should master.

The curriculum offer at Brookburn has always been a strength of the school – we have never shirked on the importance of delivering a topic based curriculum alongside our core curriculum, despite pressure that has previously existed around academic attainment and a results driven performance system nationally. However, in reviewing our curriculum in recent months, alongside research that has been explored around cognitive science and making learning stick, we have considered ways to make what is taught more meaningful and long lasting for our pupils. Our curriculum continues to be planned around topic themes. However, rather than teach each foundation subject discretely, we have widened the scope of topics to make the flow of teaching more dynamic and fluid based on natural links across a range of subject matter.
For example, rather than teaching a history topic around the Stone Age, we have have broadened the field of scope to “Beneath our feet”. Though this enables teaching about a period of history within our curriculum, it also enables more natural links to teaching about rocks and solids in science, the existence of geographical features like volcanoes and the lithosphere, and it gives meaningful context to art and design or music projects, where children create cave paintings, design and create a working volcano or create soundscapes to match the period of time in study.

Our planning is designed to flow from lesson to lesson as a journey. Science, history and geography act as the predominant subject drivers but woven between lessons on these aspects are other subject areas. We trust that our teachers have considered links and are delivering content so that what has come before is used and revisited with children to help them develop further schemata and strengthen links in their knowledge and skill base. The idea behind this teaching principle is that pupils are being supported to develop from novices to experts.

"Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children achieve their full potential academically and personally."