Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Brookburn’s Intent


Through our Design and Technology curriculum we aim to provide children with the knowledge and skills needed for a rapidly changing world. We want to equip our children with the skills to be able to use their creativity and imagination to solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. We aim to provide our pupils with opportunities that inspire them to think and work independently, collaboratively and innovatively whilst developing their technical understanding and skills. Through our Design Technology curriculum, children are given opportunities to carry out research, evaluate the effectiveness of products, develop and present their ideas, make new products and to evaluate and improve their own work. Our curriculum is designed to enable children to become resilient, resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens.


Our Implementation

Design and Technology is taught as a subject in its own right but is, interwoven within our wider topic work.  Enriched by cross-curricular links to other subjects, children explore products and foods from around the world and interact with products and immerse themselves in the detail of a product unravelling or dismantling it to understand it’s structure and investigate a variety of materials with an understanding about how to create a similar functional product..  Through this process children are able to nurture creativity and are free to explore their ideas, share their opinions and record their experiences. They are constantly evaluating throughout the process of construction and are adapting and modifying to create a product that is able to serve its initial purpose.  Children are encouraged to make respectful comments about different products in an attempt to improve product within a safe and healthy environment.




Children at Brookburn enjoy Design and Technology and relish opportunities to be creative and construct. Their creativity, self-expression and exploratory skills are evident not only Design and Technology, but across the curriculum, where they learn to express their ideas, take risks and reflect on their learning and developing skills. By the end of Key Stage 2, their work demonstrates that their control and techniques of making have improved significantly through their time at Brookburn and the progression made in the skills pertaining to this subject area is constantly evolving.  We believe that by making links between our wider topics and the teaching of Design and Technology enriches learning and supports the children making connections across different areas of education, helping us bring the curriculum to life with exciting opportunities, which contextualise teaching in a fun, engaging and practical way for children.


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