Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 the children will be taught to:

Year 1:
• Write an algorithm for an everyday activity
• Give and follow instructions, including turning movements, one at a time
• Create an algorithm to guide your robot partner
• Write an algorithm for a Bee Bot to complete a maze.
• Program a Bee Bot with directional commands

Year 2:
• Write an algorithm to make a jam sandwich
• Explore the Daisy the Dinosaur app
• Use selection when programming Daisy the Dinosaur
• Write a storyboard for Daisy the Dino.
• Program and debug a game designed for Daisy the Dinosaur

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 the children will be taught to:

Year 3:
• Write an algorithm in a flow chart
• Understand and use repetition within algorithms
• Use a range of inputs and selection within an algorithm
• Plan a game in Scratch using inputs, repetition and selection
• Program a game using repetition, selection and inputs.
• Debug your Scratch game

Year 4:
• Create a 3D world within Kodu
• Identify the concept of selection
• Use selection with Kodu
• Use selection to create an end to a game
• Use selection to adapt the Coin Quest game

Year 5:
• Simulate control using selection, repetition and variables
• Simulate a system using repetition of costumes
• Use variables as a condition for selection
• Design a simulation of a physical system
• Program a simulation of a physical system

Year 6:
• Use variables and inputs within Scratch
• Use repetition and variables to create a scoring system
• Design a numeracy game using variables, selection and repetition
• Program the game you have designed using variables, selection and repetition
• To peer assess our numeracy games