Modern Foreign Languages


Modern Foreign Languages at Brookburn

Since September 2014, the teaching of a Modern Foreign Language at KS2 became a statutory requirement.  There is currently no requirement to teach a Modern Foreign Language at KS1.

French is the chosen language taught at Brookburn.  French is taught by a specialist teacher (Madame Warrington) who is an ex-secondary school teacher of French and German.

All children in Years 3, 5 & 6 receive up to one hour of French per week during PPA cover one afternoon per week.  Children in Year 4 currently receive one afternoon per week (Year 4 classes are rotated on a half-termly basis).

French is currently taught to all children in Years 1 and 2 during PPA cover one afternoon per week (year groups are rotated on a half-termly basis).  French is also taught on an ad-hoc basis in EYFS.

KS2 Languages Programme of Study

The French curriculum focuses mainly on practical communication and children are expected to: –

  1. Listen attentively to spoken language, join in and respond
  2. Explore the patterns and sounds of the language, for example through songs and rhymes
  3. Engage in conversations, ask and answer questions, express opinions, and seek clarification and help
  4. Speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary, phrases and language structures
  5. Develop accurate pronunciation and intonation
  6. Present ideas and information orally to a range of audiences
  7. Read carefully, showing understanding of simple writing
  8. Appreciate stories, songs, poems and rhymes in the language
  9. Develop their vocabulary, including through using a dictionary
  10. Write phrases from memory and adapt them to create new sentences
  11. Describe people, places, things and actions verbally and in writing
  12. Understand basic grammar



At Brookburn we subscribe to the Language Angels Scheme of Work to teach French across the school.  All French lessons follow a thematic approach lasting 6 weeks with clearly organized units ranging from Core Vocabulary, Phonics and Grammar, Early Language, Intermediate Language, Progressive and Creative Language, thus allowing for progression.  At the end of each unit, all children in KS2 are assessed across the four main skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  In addition to French taught within the classroom, children are able to consolidate their learning by accessing the Language Angels games website either at home or by attending our Language Angels ICT club which is ran on Monday lunchtimes by our Year 6 Digital Language Angel Leaders.

In Year 6, children will have the opportunity to apply for the position of a Language Angel.  Language Angels have responsibility in the following areas: – Environmental, Digital and Outdoor Learning. We are pleased to announce that our Brookburn Primary Languages badge (which was designed by our current Year 6 Language Angels) has been chosen to appear in the forthcoming TV series of Alex Ryder.

International Awareness

In addition to our French lessons, we have a focus on international awareness.  We currently hold the Bronze International Award from the British Council due to our cross curricular links to other countries, languages and culture. In February each year, we host an International Day which is based on a different themes each year including international Art, Food, Music and more recently Festivals.  A French style continental breakfast is served in the morning to children, staff and parents/carers.  Children and staff get to dress up in a costume to celebrate Brookburn’s international and cultural diversity.

An international cake sale is held in the morning and themed activities take place all day to enhance the usual curriculum. Children who are on school dinners are treated to an international inspired lunch and in the afternoon, there is a whole school international assembly with singing, dancing, performing and sharing. Artwork by each Year group is displayed along the main corridor creating an international gallery.

French Partner School

We continue to build strong links with our French Partner School in St Genis Laval (please see our French Brookburn Blog Our most recent project had involved children in Year 4 producing booklets all about themselves in French which will be read by the children in France who will reply.  We also have established links with our Partner School Barlow Hall Primary and are involved in collaborative French projects.

Please click on the documents below for an overview of what is being taught in each year group over the next academic year 2019-2020.


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