Curriculum design statement

The vision for Music, at Brookburn Primary School, is for music to be fully embedded across the curriculum and within the daily life of the school.  Our aspiration is that every child adopts a lifelong love of music.

Music is taught within our creative curriculum, designed by each team of teachers, to provide a rich range of musical experiences within each topic or theme studied.  Experiences include listening to and responding to a wide range of musical styles and genres from all over the world and from different periods of history, in order to provide the children with a broad understanding of music’s cultural significance.


Children are taught musical history and the vocabulary of music.  They are invited to talk about how different music affects them: what it makes them think of; what emotions it creates; where and when it make them think of.


Children are taught percussive patterns and are shown how to improvise, to discover how different rhythms can work together.  Opportunities are provided for children to build their own percussive patterns using their voices, body percussion, tuned and un-tuned instruments, working with others to make pieces of music to accompany moods and themes presented through images, knowledge, experiences or stories.


Weekly singing assemblies take place in each Key Stage and provide opportunities for children to sing in large numbers, to rehearse singing in rounds, choruses, harmonies, chants and acapella.


Specialist peripatetic teachers provide a high, exam grade level of musical tuition, from Year 2 to Year 6, in strings, woodwind, guitar and steel pans.  The achievement of these and other musicians are celebrated each year with our summer Music Evening.


It is our vision that all children are provided with broad musical experiences that enable them to make informed choices, using articulate and appropriate vocabulary, about any musical genre they encounter.  It is our hope to inspire children to wish to learn musical instruments; to develop their own composition skills; and to become enthusiastic listeners by the time they leave Brookburn Primary School.