Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

PSHE Including RSE


At Brookburn, we understand the value teaching PSHE/RSE holds and the benefit it carries for the children.  We aim to teach our students about knowledge of their own self, in regards to their own mind and their bodies and about the environment around them and how they can be safe and respectable citizens of society.

PSHE (Personal. Social, Health and Economical) and RSE (Relationships and Sex education) covers so many parts of learning from a personal level.  The learning that takes place within these curriculum areas will support the children to navigate through life whilst understanding their emotions and behaviours.



PSHE/RSE is imbedded into so many parts of daily life at Brookburn.  Not only do we have standalone sessions in class, strands are touched upon during assemblies led by SLT and in class assemblies. 

The scheme of work that was used at Brookburn was ‘Growing and changing’ which was created by Manchester Healthy Schools. As the guidelines of statutory requirements changed and teaching of RSE had to take from summer 2021, we recognised that the old scheme of work was outdated and adopted the new iMatter scheme. 

Staff were trained in how to deliver the new scheme effectively by the lead for this area from the Mcr Healthy schools organisation.

Each week, all classes will carry out a 30 minutes session.  Units have been divided into half terms to allow coverage.

Lessons can be discussion based and recording of work can be evidenced in a variety of ways such as entry in PSHE/RSE books, photographs, working wall or blog/twitter posts.

Children in years 4- 6 are encouraged to journal as a tool to support managing of emotional and mental health.



As a result of adopting a new scheme of work, teachers are now tooled with an up to date resource to support the delivery of effective lessons.

Children are becoming more aware of the importance of being healthy mentally and emotionally alongside being physically healthy. We teach strategies of how to improve mindfulness.  

We teach the importance of being safe, in the immediate environment but also online, a danger that is so prominent in the youth of today.



RSE Consultation

Following our parental consultation our policy and curriculum was approved by the LINK Learning Trust Board.

Following consultation with parents on the specific RSE curriculum we will follow, there will be three lessons per year group and these will be taught during summer 2 each year.

As a school we will ensure that the education we offer is age appropriate, sensitively presented and supports our children’s knowledge and understanding.

Parents have the right to withdraw from ‘How a baby is made’, Year 6, Lesson 3 only.  This follows discussion with the school.

Further information can be found by reading the document below entitled:
Parent Consultation on the Relationship and Sex education.


Links to individual Key stage lessons can be found on the tabs to the left of this page or by clicking the links below:

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Further support for parents can be found by clicking the following links:

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