Our team

Meet our team

Senior Leadership Team

Ms S Ferris: Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss E Henderson: Deputy Headteacher / Teaching and Learning Exchange / Pupil Premium  / Designated Safegaurding Lead / Maths Lead / Humanities Lead
Miss B Hulse: Deputy Headteacher / Teaching and Learning Exchange / English Lead (Writing) / Attendance / PTA
Mrs C Smith: SENDCo


Teaching Staff

Mrs C Sherriff: Nursery Teacher / EYFS Outdoor Learning
Mrs R Rafi: Nursery Teacher / Art & DT / PTA
Miss E Kingsford: Reception 1 Teacher / Maths Team
Mrs L Conlon: Reception 2 Teacher / Phase Leader – EYFS
Miss J Martins: Year 1A Teacher / Art & DT
Miss R Hegarty Year 1B Teacher / English (Phonics)
Miss H Garvey: Year 2A Teacher / PE
Miss C Bergin: Year 2B Teacher  (4 days) / Maths Team / KS1 Lead
Miss A Norman: Year 2B Teacher (1 day) / RE
Miss G Jones: Year 3A Teacher / Science
Mr B Alderdice: Year 3B Teacher / Writing Team / LKS2 Lead
Mrs M Connaughton: Year 4A Teacher / Eco / Outdoor Lead
Mr C Sumner Year 4B Teacher / Music
Miss S Faulder: Year 5A Teacher / Computing
Miss N Cooper: Year 5B Teacher
Miss A Ali: Year 6A Teacher / PHSE / Unicef Rights Resepcting
Miss A Taylor: Year 6B Teacher / English (Reading) / UKS2  Lead
Mrs D Warrington: French Teacher / PPA Cover
Mrs K Vyas: Reading Recovery
Mrs E Williams: 
Assessment Lead
Mrs S Dudgeon: Year 5 – Maternity Leave

Support Staff

Mrs J McKessy: Year 6 Teaching Assistant / TA Lead
Mrs J Jones: Year 4 Teaching AssistantTA Lead
Ms A Wood: Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Walsh: Nursery Teaching Assistant
Ms S Nash: Nursery & Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss A Wainwright: Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Efstathiou: Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms A Ward: Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Allen: Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Madden: Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mr P Marsh: Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Ms H Elderfield: Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Pereira: 1-1 Support Assistant
Mrs J Collins: 1:1 Support Assistant
Mrs C Poizer: 1:1 Support Assistant
Ms S Burrows: 1:1 Support Assistant
Ms K Vaughan: 1-1 Support Assistant
Ms A Hajazi: 1-1 Support Assistant
Ms S Swanson: 1-1 Support Assistant
Ms C Kelly: 1-1 Support Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs K Lord: Business Support Officer
Miss K Holness: Office Manager
Mrs A Flanagan: Assistant Business Support Officer
Mrs J Asher: Receptionist / Admin Assistant
Mr G Cornforth: Site Manger


Kitchen and Lunchtime Staff

Mr P Panton: Catering Manager
Mrs K Trotter: Catering Assistant
Mrs C Wilkinson: Catering Assistant
Ms A Jennings: Catering Assistant
Mrs Z Baber: Lunch Time Organiser
Ms V Coffey: Lunch Time Organiser
Ms C Leonard: Lunch Time Organiser
Mrs Z Shafiq: Lunch Time Organiser
Miss J Quinn: Lunch Time Organiser / Cleaner
Ms S Walsh: Lunch Time Organiser
Mrs R Kaur Singh: Lunch Time Organiser
Mrs K Kaur: Lunch Time Organiser
Mrs K Brennan: Lunch Time Organiser
Ms D Harrison: Lunch Time Organiser
Ms G Nesbitt: Lunch Time Organiser

Dolphins Before and After School Club

Natalie Mason: Play Leader / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Kim Trotter: Play Worker
Carol Wilkinson: Play Worker
Gillian Nesbitt: Play Worker
Vicky Wilkinson: Play Worker
Svetlana Walsh: Play Worker
Deborah Harrison: Play Worker
Satveer Kaur: Play Worker
Bella McAtarsney : Play Worker
Paul Marsh: Play Worker
Vanessa Coffey: Play Worker


Academy Council

Colin McFarlane (Chair): Parent Governor
Karen Harris (Send):  Parent Governor
Liz Cooper (Health and Safety):  Parent Governor
Jen Barker (Safeguarding, Looked after Children, Pupil Premium): Co-opted Governor
Keira Gould (Training): Co-opted Governor
Annette Hargreaves (TBA): Co-opted Governor
Diane Madden (Teaching): Staff Governor
Emily Henderson (Teaching): Staff Governor
Schelene Ferris (Teaching): Staff Governor