Year 5

Year 5


Mr Quibell Teacher – Class 5LQ
Mrs Deer Teacher – Class 5ED
Assistant Head – Upper Key Stage 2
Dr Elderfield Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant Lead
Mrs Pereira Teaching Assistant
Mr Marsh Teaching Assistant

Curriculum Overview – Spring 2

Geography – Our World


This term, we will be learning about South America.  We are going to locate the continent of South America on a map and locate the countries and capital cities in South America.  We will be learning about the main climate zones and how these relate to the different biomes of South America.  We will be studying the state of Rio de Janeiro and comparing the physical features there to those in the North West of England.  We will also learn about some of the natural resources of South America and compare these to those produced in the United Kingdom.


In English, the first text that we will focus on will be Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.  To begin with, we will write a letter using a range of sentence structures and focusing on using in emotive language.  We will also write a non-chronological report and a balanced argument this half term.  The writing that we complete will link to our text and our Geography curriculum.




In maths, we will be returning to place value at the beginning of the half term.  We will be focusing on determining the value of each digit in numbers up to 1,000,000, ordering and comparing numbers, counting forwards and backwards with positive and negative numbers and reading roman numerals.  We will then move onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will revisit using written methods across all four operations, working with numbers with more than 4 digits in addition and subtraction, multiplying numbers of up to four digits by a one or two-digit number and dividing numbers of up to four digits by a one-digit number.  We will learn about prime numbers, prime factors and composite numbers.


Our science unit this half term is ‘Forces’.  Children will learn about the force of gravity and understand that unsupported objects fall towards the earth because of the force of gravity acting between Earth and the falling object.  We will also identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction that act between moving surfaces.  Children will also recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

Other Curriculum Areas

RE – Why do some people believe God exists?

Design Technology – Textiles: Fastenings – children will design and make personalised book sleeves

Music – Make You Feel My Love – Children will learn to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, as well as listening to and appraising other pop ballads.

PE – Football (Thursday) and Cricket (Friday)

PSHCE – Healthy Lifestyles

Computing – Computer systems and searching and responsible internet use

French – Les Planètes – In this unit children will learn the names of the planets in addition to some interesting facts.  They will learn more about cognates and about the rules of adjectival agreement enabling them to write extended sentences to describe planets using adjectives of colour, size, motion and temperature. Children will showcase this by making planet concertina booklets.


Empowering Learning Skills

This half term we will continue to build on the children’s understanding of our ‘Empowering Learning Skills’. It is important that we explicitly teach children about learning behaviours.  This half term in UKS2, we will be focusing on being self-managers and reflective learners.  We will share more information about these learning behaviours in our weekly emails.


UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

We are taking part in OutRight 2023-24 which is a campaign to empower children to learn how climate change threatens children’s rights and how we can protect them. This term they will learn about the campaign. The Rights Respecting Councillors have also been listening to children’s ideas in terms of what they would like to change in school and the community as well as in Manchester and globally. This term the councillors will choose a campaign and will work with classes to make their voices heard.


Article 2- The convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.


Article 12- Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matte
rs affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.


Article 28 – Eve
ry child has the right to an education.



Article 28- Every child has the right to relax and play.



Important Dates

Week Beginning 5th February 2024:  Children’s mental health awareness week

6th February 2024:  Safer Internet Day

Spring 1 Ends:  Friday 16th February 2024 at 3.25pm

Spring 2 Begins:  Monday 26th February 2024

Week beginning 19th March: Progress Evenings

Educational visit to Crowden: Date TBC


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